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This blog will give you more insight on today’s and yesterday’s music. Today, I would like to start with a brief, but slightly heated, post about one of my least favorite things in music: Modern Country Music. When Country music started gaining popularity, we heard artists like Hank Williams and Left Frizzell. These artists laid the ground for many artists that came afterwards. In the 1970’s, we heard what became known as the Outlaw Movement, with artists such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings leading the pack. This music combined Country music with some elements of Rock and Blues music, but still maintained a grip on the roots laid by Hank and Lefty. In the 1980’s, there was a shift to have more “crossover” hits, meaning that the song(s) would obtain success on both Country and Pop charts. The artists that were pushed in this direction quickly lost momentum, and slipped out of the public eye by 1989, which was, of course, the year for Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, and Alan Jackson, who became known as The Class of ’89. These artists started a similar movement to that of the Outlaw Movement in the 1970’s, but with more Rock influence than Country. By the mid-late 1990’s, any sign of traditional Country music was nothing more than a song or two, here and there, and by the 2000’s, it was gone. Now, this brings us to the modern era…oh yes…the dirt roads, auto tuned Pop singers from American Idol, and fake rednecks trying to be P. Diddy Jay Z, or whoever that is, with nothing that resembles anything in the path of traditional Country music, other than lyrics about drinking beer on a tailgate of a mudded-up truck with a lift kit on a dirt road raising hell…eh…that’s all I remember, but you get the idea. I understand that music changes, as time passes, but to drop all roots of traditional Country music, and fully embrace Rock and Pop musical styles, is nothing more than musical fraud, my friends. They are playing Rock and Pop music, and, because of the high record sales, even though hardly anyone actually pays for music, like a civilized, well-raised human being anymore, these artists and record labels continue to get away with the biggest case of false advertising in the history of music, and it’s all because, nobody’s concerned with history anymore. You could apply this to many things going on in the word today. Nobody cares about what came first. The only thing people are concerned with is what’s happening today. Music plays a key role in this, because, after all, music is the only worldwide language, and when that’s being tampered with, chaos is bound to happen. I will get into each era of Country music in more detail in later posts, but just for now, this should give you a general overview of what you can expect as I expand on this and other topics.

Just so you get an idea of how warped modern Country music is, look at both of these links.


Hank Williams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WXYjm74WFI

Modern Country: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEQC2y-Rtgk


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