Unknown Hinson – Makes Trio Sound Like Full Band

In 2011, Unknown Hinson embarked on a fall/winter tour, with an all new band. He had a new bass player, a new drummer, and for the first time, he added a steel guitar player, to his live band. He kept this lineup until last year. In the middle of his 2012 tour, Unknown went back to a trio, with himself on guitar, a bass player, and a drummer. I don’t know why the steel guitarist was no longer in the band. Unknown plays all the instruments on his albums himself, and his live band has, with the exception of 2011, always been a trio. Before adding a steel guitar player to his live band, he would play the steel parts, and the lead and rhythm guitar parts, himself. Somehow, when he does it, the trio sounds like the full band. You really see how talented he is, in this situation. When I saw 384674_2840042278772_1213371969_nUnknown Hinson, in Little Rock, at Juanita’s, in 2011, he had the four piece band, with the steel guitar player. Even with the steel guitar player in the band, he played the steel guitar parts that he played in the trio situation, which doubled the sound, and sounded incredible! Very few guitar players are talented enough to recreate their records live, even when they’re lacking instruments in the band. Unknown Hinson is one of the few. If you get a chance, whether you’re a guitar player or not, check him out. You can hear him as the voice of Early Cuyler on Squidbillies on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Here’s the official Unknown Hinson website:


Here’s a full show from 2012 of Unknown Hinson, with his trio:



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