I suppose that I was the last one to hear the news that changed the lives of so many people in the world…Cher’s coming out of retirement, for a tour! But seriously, folks, was I the only one who saw this coming, the second she retired? So many people were surprised to hear it, which is the only thing that surprised me. The fact that, after the decade of reunions and comebacks, known as the 1990’s, we STILL, as a society, don’t have a clue why these artists come back to the spotlight, again and again. One word: MONEY! Now, there is that small part of every artist that hates to be away from the stage, but that, alone, cannot make an artist go back to touring. I guarantee you that almost every show, if not every show, will sell out, on the day the tickets go on sale, for Cher’s comeback tour. Also, given the enormous amount of money that’s up for grabs here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the average ticket go for no less than $200-$300. Also, since Live Nation has figured out every way in the word to make money, I imagine there will be special “V.I.P. Big Fan Special Fan This Is Just For You If You’ve Got The Money Fan” packages, that tend to go for anywhere from $500-$1000. These packages, typically, include a “Special” T-Shirt, a laminated pass, crowd-free merchandise shopping, early venue entrance, a tote bag (don’t know why), and a pre-show “Party”, in which you “Just might get to meet Cher” (Not a chance in h***). When you look at all of that, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Cher back on the road! George Strait is about to do the same thing. He claims that 2014 will be his last tour, but we should all know better than that. At his “Farewell Tour” press conference, he said he would still be recording music, and playing occasional shows. Judas Priest said that in their “Farewell Tour” announcement, a couple of years ago. Shortly afterwards, Judas Priest changed their statements completely, and continued with their regular touring. Anytime an artist says that they’ll still make music, or play a few shows, you’ll be seeing a “Comeback” tour from them, not long afterwards, just like Cher. So, for all you George Strait fans, this should be a momentous occasion for you! It’s just been confirmed that you’ll get to see him again, in about 6 or 7 years, if not sooner. The only honest farewell tour I can remember is The Scorpions Farewell Tour in 2010. I saw that show. I believe they’ve been honest about it, because nobody’s heard anything from them since that. That’s not the case with other acts. That’s why Don Henley came up with the title for The Eagles’ Farewell 1 Tour. He joked “You can have as many farewells as you want, as long as you number them.” When there’s enormous amounts of money to be made, artists and concert promoters will grab it all up! Why do you think Alabama’s back? Their “New Album” was just a bunch of re-records, featuring “New Hot Country” acts, just to sell more records. There were only 2 or 3 new songs on the album. Brooks & Dunn did their farewell tour a couple of years ago, and since that, neither one of their solo careers have gone anywhere near as far as they did, as a duo. That is a little sad, though, because they’re both very talented, and you would think the true fans would support them in any form, as long as they’re delivering what the fans want, which it looks like they are…or are they? Fans are great, but a lot of them are pretty set, in their ways. They want to see Brooks & Dunn together. Remember that Cinderella song “Don’t Know What You Got Til’ It’s Gone”? That’s exactly what this is! The fans want Brooks & Dunn back together. The fans want George Strait to continue touring, yet, when all of these artists show no signs of stopping, the fans just decide not to go, for whatever reason. So, when crowd attendance gets so low that you could’ve moved an arena show into a theater, what choice does the artist have? It costs a lot of money to be out on the road, and when you’re losing money, you can’t be on the road! So, with that being said, are the comeback tours, with all the V.I.P. packages, expensive tickets, and sold out shows, a way to get revenge on the fans that wouldn’t support them before their hiatus, or is it a way to get out of debt from their last tours, so they can try to make enough money to tour some more? And, finally, do we, as fans, in a way, deserve to have to pay these higher prices, since, after all, it is our faults for not supporting them when they needed us? When you don’t pay your bills on time, the interest goes up, by the time you get around to paying it. Think about it…

Here’s George Strait’s “Farewell Tour” announcement:
Here’s Cher’s comeback performance on the Today show from earlier this week:



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