Bang For Your Buck: Albums vs. Singles

What’s the deal with new music being all about singles? Back in the golden days (60’s-some 80’s), it was all about the albums. Sure, there were singles FROM those albums, but nobody focused on making two singles and eight fillers. This is one reason why there were so many concept albums back then. Artists would have 10 or 12 songs that they wrote around the same time, and they’d all be linked together somehow, so they’d make an album out of those songs, and whether they meant to or not, the album would tell a story. Back then, when you bought an album, it was worth the money. You weren’t buying a record with two singles and eight fillers. Now-a-days, the few people who actually BUY music are at risk of being convinced that an album is great because there were 2 or 3 good songs from it that they heard on the radio. So they buy the album. Now, I don’t listen to a lot of new music (that’s a shocker, huh?), but a lot of the newer albums I’ve seen start off with the 2 or 3 singles, then it goes downhill very quickly after those songs. Very forgettable material, for the most part. But, the worst part is, the modern music buyer might be tempted to get the “Deluxe Edition” of said album, because it has “Bonus Tracks”. OK, bonus tracks have been around since the beginning of time, almost. But, just because you have bonus tracks doesn’t mean you can do half an album, then fill the other half up with these “Special Bonus Tracks”. These “Special Bonus Tracks” are usually terribly done demos of some of the songs on the album, or rejected new songs that are even worse than the ones that made it to the album. Oh, and the “Deluxe Edition” is probably in a prettier package, and maybe has a 5 minute DVD with “Behind The Scenes Making Of” for the album. Let’s call it what it is: It’s an infommercial.  But, if you’re in the right frame of mind, you’ll realize that none of these added bonuses make up for the lack of material on the actual album. David Allan Coe was always one of the best at making a great overall album. On a lot of his stuff, it would be like a live performance in the studio that they recorded.

David Allan Coe’s Human Emotions (full album). One of the best ever made!

David Allan Coe’s Rides Again (full album)


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