My Recent “Stumble-Upon” For Writing


 I just thought I’d share a little something I recently figured out about songwriting. I’m sure this won’t be any front page news to some people, and to some people, it will seem impossible. Everybody writes differently. I get it. Now, to what I’ve kinda stumbled upon: There’s no room for filler when you’re just starting out. Now wait just a minute…let me finish…I know you’re thinking “I already knew THAT!” Anyways, no matter how big or small your music career is, there’s no room for filler, but if you’ve sold a few million albums, you MIGHT (MIGHT!!!) be able to get away with a little, even though you shouldn’t, if at all possible. When you’re starting out, especially, you have to make sure every song you write is finished before you put it out. On your first couple of records, you won’t really understand when a song is finished. You’ll think it’s finished when you come up with enough words to fill a couple of verses and a chorus. A song isn’t TRULY finished until just about every line of the song means something, and it all joins together beautifully, instead of just being a couple of good lines surrounded by a bunch of clichés and nonsensical ramblings. Now, that being said, it’s okay to be done with a song. Just make sure it’s TRULY done before you let other people hear it. Also, it’s okay to put a song on the shelf for a little while. Keep writing all your ideas down, and someday, I’ll darn near guarantee that you’ll have enough ideas written down that make sense together, and you can pull that long lost song off the shelf, and put the newer lines with it, and you’ll have a great song! This will teach you about patience with your writing, as well. I’ve learned the hard way about rushing with writing. It’s not worth it. Allow the song to live up to its true potential. You’ll be glad you did, in the long run. Don’t write your songs the same way you’d write a blog. It’ll be so disjointed that you won’t even have a clue what you meant. I just hope I ended with the same topic I started with.


Here’s an example of BAD writing:


Here’s an example of GREAT writing:


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