Guitar Clinics: Egotistical?

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about guitar clinics, claiming they’re egotistical. Well, sometimes they are, quite honestly. But, when guitar clinics are done correctly, they’re not egotistical at all. I went to a Tommy Emmanuel clinic in Little Rock, that was presented by Little Rock Frets, at the beginning of this month. 50 people were allowed in. Some guitar players just play as fast as they can, then very arrogantly say “Did everyone get that?” Tommy didn’t do that. Tommy did things the right way. He would slow it down, and make sure everyone could see what he was doing. He didn’t play. He demonstrated. And THAT’S the difference! Some guitarists use clinics as a performance, so they play a bunch of hot licks that they play in concerts, and charge 3 times the price for it! Always be careful when going to clinics. Do your research. Make sure the player actually does a clinic, rather than a cocky concert. I highly recommend Tommy Emmanuel clinics! He took questions from the crowd, and even took some requests. But, when he took requests, he would play the song, then demonstrate how he was doing everything. He would show every technique. Close to the end of the clinic, he told us that with all the resources now-a-days like YouTube and guitar tab websites, if you can’t figure it out, you’re a dummy, and in a lot of ways, he was right. There are so many ways of learning, right at your fingertips, that you really have no excuse. However, to get the answers to difficult questions, or just to get up close for hands on learning, a properly handled clinic will give you a lifetime of knowledge. Therefore, not all guitar clinics are egotistical.


Here’s a video of Tommy performing Classical Gas:

Here’s a video from a Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Clinic:


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