Being Humble…The Eric Clapton Model To Longevity


Ask yourself…why does Eric Clapton get so much respect? It’s because he’s humble. He doesn’t act like he’s the greatest, and he doesn’t try to show off. After seeing Eric in concert in 2009, I can tell you first hand that he’s cooler than a cucumber at a show! The house lights went down, and his band walked onstage. No big intro. No light shows. No lasers. Just the band. Then, Eric walks onto the stage. He makes sure his guitar’s ready to go, and he just starts playing. He doesn’t have any circus stuff in his show. He doesn’t need a recording of horns playing while somebody says “IT’S ERIC CLAPTON!”…or something like that. Ask any guitar player why Eric’s so respected among guitarists. They SHOULD tell you it’s because he knows when NOT to play! Everything he plays is something you can relate to. It means something. He doesn’t do behind the head tricks, or play with his teeth. He just plays. And although he’s not known for singing, he does a fine job at that! He doesn’t try to be a crooner. He just sings the song. How does he stay so humble? He doesn’t let his ego get to him. He does his own laundry. He goes shopping by himself. Unfortunately, the reason everyone knows this is because TMZ follows him around when he’s doing these things. Hard to get out of the celebrity world, when you’re constantly being reminded that you’re Eric Clapton. But, he’s able to keep his cool, and maintain that humble personality, that’s made him one of the most respected artists in the world!


Here’s a video that TMZ captured of Eric doing laundry:


Here’s a video of a couple of guys harassing Eric for autographs:


Here’s a video of Eric Clapton beginning a show in 2013:


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