After some touring in the 90’s, the reunited Allman Brothers Band, featuring all living original members, decided to part ways with Dickey Betts. One of the reasons was because Dickey Betts had been busted for possession of cocaine. To this day, fans have argued amongst themselves if it was Dickey, or if Gregg framed him. To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. There’s not a whole lot of proof that Dickey was framed. But, it seems there might be a chance of a reunion now. I would like to point out that I have no inside information, and nobody in the band has mentioned it. This is all a hunch, but a decent one, if I do say so myself. For starters, The Allman Brothers Band website AND the Dickey Betts website are maintained by the same company. Second, the Allman Brothers Band magazine, Hittin’ The Note, regularly mentions Dickey. Okay…maybe this isn’t a good reason, because it would be hard to erase Dickey from ABB history. So, what’s my third reason, you may ask? My third reason may be the most important one. Recently at The Beacon Theater, where The Allman Brothers Band plays many shows EVERY YEAR, Derek Trucks and his wife, Susan Tedeschi, were playing with their band, and in the middle of the show, Derek gets Dickey Betts onstage to play a couple of songs. The crowd went WILD! So, for those of you who don’t see the connection, you probably don’t know that Derek Trucks came into The Allman Brothers Band after Dickey was out. Of course, he’s Butch’s son, so that’s a big part of why he got the job, but he’s also a truly amazing guitarist! If Derek and Dickey are cool, Butch and Dickey could be cool soon, then Gregg, who will be the hardest to convince, might be cool with the idea of getting Dickey back. Dickey’s still just as good as ever, so fans, such as myself, would love to see it! You never know…stranger things have happened! We’ll see how it goes. After all, Twisted Sister reunited, and NOBODY thought that would happen, so this is a good sign for fans of the original Allman Brothers!


Dickey playing Blue Sky with The Tedeschi Trucks Band (The video that started my hunch) –


Some people claim Dickey was under the influence in this interview, but he doesn’t seem to be in his recent live performances:






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