Is The Downloading Phase Finally Over?

I’ve noticed lately that more and more people that I know are actually buying music. These are also the same people that, for the past few years, would just illegally download a song for free when they wanted it, rather than buying it to support the artist. Why is that? Personally, I believe it’s because my generation, which is probably the generation at fault, aside from their parents, is finally realizing not only the negatives legally, but also the bad effects it has on the artists. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the downloading phase is over, but I believe it’s a good start! I played a show with Some Guy Named Robb and Dale Kellison a couple of weeks ago in Clarksville, and when Robb went on, he had a case with CD’s in it, and he just put it out on a table in front of the stage, and told the audience how much they were, and to just put the money in the case. Now, of course, it’s a little harder to get away with stealing, when the artist is looking right at you, but people certainly could have, if they wanted to. I was amazed at how well that worked! I haven’t seen an artist do that before. Most of the time, artists wait until the show is over, then they go out and sell their CD’s, but so many times, especially when the venues stay open late, not everybody stays until the end, so if they wanted a CD, they don’t have a chance. But, with Robb’s way, they can get one whenever they want. Another thing that Robb does that I find to be great is that, on his website, there’s a button on the merchandise page where people who illegally downloaded songs from him can choose to go through PayPal and pay him for the songs, if they wish. And to think that, for years, record companies and music lawyers have been thinking about how to stop illegal downloading, when it was as simple as forgiving and letting people make it up to the artist, by paying for the songs they stole. People are more likely to pay for stolen songs if they’re forgiven and given an option, instead of being violently or legally forced by big name music executives. It looks like this may be the way to go, after all! I sure hope so, because it would be nice to see artists making what they deserve from their music.


Some Guy Named Robb’s website:

This is part of a video series that Robb did to help artists figure out how to make money:



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