The Rarest of Things In Life…A Second Chance

Very few artists, through history, have been given a second chance at fame and fortune, but it seems that the ones who get second chances end up doing some of the most meaningful work of their career, for the most part. Jimmy Buffett has been given a second chance by modern radio, in a way, because of duets he’s done with Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band in the past few years. There are some exceptions, as always. Certainly groups like Bon Jovi, which through the power of Jon Bon Jovi, have been transformed into a weak, wussy Pop radio-friendly band, and have completely abandoned their roots, and even abandoned their only pure talent, Richie Sambora! But, aside from the few that have chosen to sell out in their chance to make things right, some have decided to do what they’ve always wanted to do, and are only concerned with what the fans think. They don’t care about critics or agents or record labels. They’re just thankful that they get another shot. One band really comes to mind: The Eagles.


Obviously, The Eagles are one of the biggest bands in music history, and are still selling out concerts today, but they also had to apply for a second chance from their fans. After a decade of solo careers, they decided to reunite, and the fans approved their application for a second chance! This was mostly because, rather than just milking their hits for 10 years worth of touring, they made a live album for MTV, in which they introduced new material. Granted, this wasn’t their strongest material, but it was very good, and at least it was an attempt at something new. Afterwards, they continued to tour the world, selling out stadiums through the late 90’s. Then, after Don Felder was fired, they came back with a great guitar player by the name of Steuart Smith, and once again had new material. On their Farewell 1 concert DVD, one can find a few new songs, that were not only very strong, but ended up on their more recent work. Hole In The World was released as a single, No More Cloudy Days was on the Long Road Out Of Eden album, and One Day At A Time was on Joe Walsh’s most recent studio album, Analog Man. So, what else have they done to properly take advantage of this second chance? Well, for starters, they put out a documentary, where they held nothing back. Everyone’s viewpoint was expressed, and all the secrets were out on the table. After the release of the documentary, earlier this year, they began a tour, which is currently going on, and as another way to show their fans that they appreciate the second chance, they have brought Bernie Leadon back to the band. Joe’s still there, but now Bernie is, too, so fans can see both of the most iconic players from the band’s history. We’ll see what their next move will be.

The Eagles’ Official Website:
Bernie Leadon joining The Eagles on their most recent tour:


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