Alright…maybe I’m wrong

The other day, in frustration I will admit, I made a post about how real Country music was a thing of the past, due to the fact that there was nobody left to carry the flag. Then, later, I got in the car and started listening to my favorites like Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson. That’s when I realized that I had just made a terrible mistake on my post. Shooter and Jamey are the two guys that have enough of a mainstream following to carry the flag of real Country music. Jamey still plays decent sized venues, and sells a good amount of records. Shooter has started his own record label, where he’s already released albums of his, Waylon’s, and Jessi’s, which of course are real Country albums. Shooter also gives independent artists a place to get noticed, if they play music that has tradition in it. Also, Shooter can take real Country to the mainstream radio waves, with his Sirius Satellite radio show on Outlaw Country, called Electric Rodeo, named after his second album. On this show, he plays the best of old and new Country, along with Rock and Blues music. This is how the flag is being carried, and due to the great underground following that people like Shooter have, it’s obviously working! Waylon and Willie started with an underground following, before becoming huge in mainstream music. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the flag’s been carried all this time by people like Shooter and Jamey, and I just never thought of that. They do it on their own terms, while respecting tradition, which is what it’s all about! It’s guys like that that will keep the flag of real Country music from falling. It might be quicker, or it might take longer than it has before. Only time will tell, but I for one am looking forward to it. They say it takes a big man to admit his mistakes. I admit I was wrong in this, but it’s mostly because I’m excited for the future of real Country music! Hold on world! Here we come again!


Jamey Johnson’s website:

Shooter Jennings’s website:


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