Garth Brooks comes back to sell out again!

Yup…you read it right. Garth Brooks is back! But this time, it’s for a different purpose. Before, he would make entrances into humanity just for the purposes of making money. NOW, he’s making an entrance into humanity to make money FASTER! It’s already been rumored that he’ll be touring next year. That I don’t doubt. But, the BIG headline in Garth Land is that he’s got a new box set coming out called “Blame It All On My Roots”. This box set contains eight discs. First, four CD’s of brand new recordings of some of Garth’s favorite cover songs. Next, a DVD of Garth’s final show at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Finally, somewhat randomly thrown in, is the two-disc Ultimate Hits, along with a DVD of his music videos, both of which have been previously released. You might ask…why would he throw Ultimate Hits and the music videos DVD in there? Your first though, and Garth’s first response I’m sure, is “Well…it’s for the fans.” WRONG! As I discovered after doing some research, Garth is trying to pass the record sales of The Beatles. So, when he puts out box sets, like he’s done 3 times before this, you would think that each box set counts for one unit…well, you would be wrong again. EACH DISC, yes, EACH DISC, in EACH BOX SET counts for ONE UNIT. This means that for every box set he sells, he sells 8 records. This is done to artificially inflate his record sales, to help him reach his goal of being the top selling artist of all time. Now, unless there’s a massive uprising of fans who boycott this box set, and figure out what he’s doing, he will reach his goal. His fans have been waiting for new Garth Brooks music for YEARS, so they won’t pass this up! I’ll admit, I’ve been a Garth Brooks fan since I was 5 years old. Now, I’ve wised up since. I’m still a fan, but I don’t buy all of the box sets and “special editions”, or the 10 different versions of Double Live, where the only difference between each version was a different album cover. Since each “version” of Double Live was considered a different release, they were counted as such, also inflating his record sales, because brainwashed fans will HAVE TO buy every cover! Now, will I buy the new box set this week? Yup. But, I will look for a used copy first. There has to be somebody out there that’s obtained a copy ahead of the release date. I would rather not contribute to a low-down, dirty, evil scheme to try to take bragging rights away from one of the most influential bands of all time, The Beatles. It’s wrong. Garth CLAIMS to be a fan of The Beatles. Some fan he is. So, Garth Brooks fans, rejoice! He’s back to use you again! In the words of Bob Dylan, “He’s only a pawn in their game.” And I’m afraid that after we, the pawns, make THIS move, Garth will be able to proudly sit back and say to Paul McCartney “KING ME!”

Garth’s official site:
A good fan site:



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