The Appeal of Acoustic Music

For some strange reason, there’s been more demand for acoustic music in the past few years. The reason I know this is because, after my shows, I CONSTANTLY get people asking me if I would ever consider doing acoustic shows, or that they would love to see me tour with just acoustic guitars. Not that people don’t like the electric shows, but a lot of those same people have told me that if I did electric, they would like to see a full band with me. I’ve explained that it’s very difficult and very expensive for me to do this. I don’t have enough time to plan out a full tour that would make enough money to pay a band, myself, and get enough money to cover expenses. I’m not a star. This is tough. That’s just the way it is. BUT, I’ve seen people that I know go out and tour with a solo acoustic show, and they’re able to keep from having the expenses of keeping a full band on the road, but they also get great responses! One aspect of it that gets such a great reaction is the intimacy of an acoustic show. There’s something different about that. It’s easier to cover mistakes on an acoustic guitar than an electric. The acoustic guitar is more giving. Therefore, if somebody requests a song, you can at least ACT like you know it. It seems that request shows work much better with acoustic guitars. I don’t know why. That’s just how it goes. Electric songs sound cool if they’re arranged well on acoustic, and love songs are hard to beat on an acoustic. Garth Brooks has sold out shows in Vegas for the past few years as a one man acoustic show. Now, a lot of this is because it’s the only place people could regularly see him, but the intimacy of the show, and the spontaneity appeals to everyone! It feels like you’re closer to the artist, not just because it’s a small theater. I can understand it, but it’s still puzzling. I’m not complaining, because it’s led to me completing an acoustic album, and booking acoustic shows that have gotten great responses! I’m not about to stop, when the appeal of acoustic music keeps growing!


Some Guy Named Robb – One of the best acoustic artists:

Garth Brooks’ One Man Acoustic Show:




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