Last Rites of Ransom Pride

I recently found a bunch of movies on sale for $1, $2, or $3. One of them just happened to be a collection called Western Vengeance. It contained twenty movies. Yes, that’s right. TWENTY MOVIES. And I got it for three dollars! So, why did I get it, you may ask. Well, as soon as I saw it, I noticed that on the cover, was Kris Kristofferson. Being a huge music freak, I had to take a closer look. Sure enough, the movie “Last Rites of Ransom Pride” was in this collection. In fact, it was the first movie, the cover of the DVD, and the only recent movie in the collection. I have a theory about why that is. First, let me point out that not only was Kris in it. Dwight Yoakam was also in it, and one of my favorite artists, Ray Wylie Hubbard, co-wrote the movie. I had heard bad reviews about the movie, but for $3, I had to put it in my collection. The reason I believe this movie was the center of attention in this collection is a complex simple answer: Ray had arguments with the other writer, and so Ray left. This left the whole picture to the other writer, who was also the director. The problem with this is, Ray originally did the soundtrack, which would’ve fit the movie. Ray’s music is Americana, which is a mix of Country, Rock, and Blues. Instead, there were synthesizers and pop music at the beginning of the movie. The music throughout the movie sounded a little like Ray. My guess is, whoever took over the music afterwards probably tried to duplicate Ray’s sound, or they left Ray’s soundtrack in there. Either way, not terrible. I’m halfway through the movie, and it’s not as bad as I heard. So, for three dollars? SHOOT YEAH! Go for it!

The trailer for Last Rites of Ransom Pride:
An interview with Ray Wylie Hubbard about the film:



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