YouTube Music Awards…just another MTV favorites show


A couple of months ago, YouTube hosted the first annual “YouTube Music Awards”. These were meant to honor the best and most popular artists on YouTube. I thought, at first, that MAYBE…JUST MAYBE…they would do the right thing, and honor the independent YouTube artists, rather than making it another version of The Grammy’s, but as usual, I was wrong. They released the list of nominees. Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katie Perry, and more world famous artists, who have record deals, high record sales, and global popularity! These artists didn’t use YouTube as their only way of getting their music out to the world! The only reason their music is on YouTube in the first place is because their record labels create a channel on YouTube, through VEVO, so all of their music videos, interviews, performances, career highlights, etc. end up on YouTube. But guess what…THEY’RE EVERYWHERE ELSE, TOO! It’s just plain sad that YouTube decided not to honor its users that haven’t abandoned the site. The ones that stuck with the site, no matter what other social network options became available. Of course Taylor Swift and Katie Perry will have the most popular videos on YouTube! THEY DIDN’T GO VIRAL JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR YOUTUBE CONTENT! The songs that the videos are for have already been HUGE hit singles, so OF COURSE the music videos on YouTube will get millions of views! It’s completely unfair to the independent users. It leaves the REAL musicians who made themselves known on YouTube out of the picture completely. Congratulations, YouTube…you now officially have become just as irrelevant as any other music awards show out there! Thanks a lot for nothing!


Lady GaGa’s bizarre performance at the YouTube Music Awards:

YouTube Live…YouTube’s first attempt at a “User Awards Show”:


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