YouTube Musicians Who Don’t Get Enough Credit

We’ve all seen them: Those YouTube video posters who are great musicians, but for some reason, always go unnoticed. Guitar players, singers, songwriters, drummers, etc. There are so many talented folks on YouTube, and some of them get thousands or even millions of video views. So, that being said, one has to ask the question: WHY AREN’T THEY GETTING NOTICED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? Some people might expect that I have the answer. Well, for once, I don’t think I necessarily do. I have a couple of theories. Here they are:

First off, to get noticed by the entertainment industry, being young is a key factor. Although this makes absolutely no sense, because it’s got nothing to do with the talent level, they want kids in there. Think about it: When high school girls have any money, they’re going to buy an album from whatever the flavor of the week is, as decided by MTV and all the other “cool” outlets. Even if the kid has absolutely no talent, they’ll still buy it.

Next, to get noticed, it helps to look good. This ties in with the first one a little. They ultimately want good looking kids. Even if somebody has absolutely no talent, all the high school girls will still buy their music, because the artist looks good.

Now believe it or not, I have a third theory, as well: Whatever the record companies, the cool TV stations, and the Clear Channel/iHeartRadio empire tell kids is cool, is what the kids will buy. Think about it: Before One Direction came out, all of us knew some kids that looked like that. But, they weren’t popular. They were accused of being weird or druggies. The girls stayed away from them. But now, those same girls are being told that those guys are cool, so they shell out the cash.

So, will it ever end? You tell me. When’s the last time you were able to resist buying the flavor of the week?


One of the best guitarists on YouTube:

A popular “drumming guitarist”:



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