Les Paul – A Man Taken Forgranted By Many

For every musician, we can’t go a day without being near something that Les Paul did. Every time we pick up a solid body electric guitar. Every time we use multi-track recording devices or software. Every time we do live looping. We’re using the inventions of Les Paul: The man who changed the music world forever! I play a Les Paul, so I experience his magic every day! This man left behind a life full of accomplishments, and creations that have helped all of us in the music business. I remember the first time I saw a Les Paul, and knew that it’s what I wanted to play. It was Ace Frehley of KISS on a VH1 Special documentary. I loved the sound of it. It was like nothing that I had ever heard before. Later, I heard players like Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh of The Eagles and The James Gang, and more that would give me the reassured feeling that a Les Paul was the guitar I needed. I ended up saving up enough money to get one that was basic. It didn’t have special binding, gold hardware, or any other flashy cosmetic details that usually raise the price considerably in Gibson guitars. It was just a Les Paul. No fancy details. Just the instrument. It cost $600, and that’s cheap for a Les Paul. Once I plugged it in, it sounded and felt like all of the $2000 Les Paul’s that I had tried out in stores. That’s when I realized that the flashy cosmetic details don’t make the sound. The guitar does. I still have it, and it still works great! And, although I’m a very simple musician, I have used multi-track recording before. As I said before, it’s hard to go a day without using something that Les Paul graced in some way. I doubt there will ever be another human being as influential as him again. R.I.P. Les. Still miss ya!


The reason I play a Les Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xENOhoyQw5U

Great interview with Les Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhdAWQaEsjA



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