The Rumor Mill…WHOOPS…I spun it

So, I made a post awhile back about Dickey Betts jamming with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi at The Beacon Theater in New York, for a Tedeschi Trucks Band show. They did a couple of Allman Brothers classics, and the crowd went wild! Since Derek’s still in The Allman Brothers Band, and Dickey left, or was fired depending on who you ask, a little over 10 years ago, that begged the question: Could there be an Allman Brothers Band reunion with Dickey Betts soon? I mean, after all, this was one heck of an icebreaker to start it off! Usually, there are good things said about each camp, from one another, in the press, and that leads to lovey-dovey make ups, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t happen in the case of the Allman Brothers Band. They’ve had some rough disagreements over the years, so lovey-dovey can’t describe ANYTHING in the process of trying to reunite. Derek’s Dad, Butch Trucks, is the original drummer of The Allman Brothers Band, and is still with them today, so Derek’s reconnection with Dickey could lead to Butch, and Butch could lead to Jaimoe and Gregg. Warren and Dickey have always seemed to be good buddies, so I don’t think that relationship will have any problems reconnecting. Now, I will admit, I might have spun the rumor mill on this just a little, by suggesting that a reunion between the two is even possible. However, I didn’t notice it until someone else linked my blog to theirs about it. So, if anybody from the band, or a representative of the band, reads this, and there aren’t any reunion plans or talks, I apologize. All I did were some Musical Calculations, and that was the answer I got. I could be wrong.


The reason I spun the rumor mill:

This is how great The Allmans are when Dickey’s with them:



One thought on “The Rumor Mill…WHOOPS…I spun it

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