What’s Wrong With Modern Country – Part 2: Pop Singers

So, in Part 1, we discussed the dirt road songs, and how they’ve helped ruin Country Music. Well, this time I’ll be ranting and raving about Nashville’s Pop Singers, and how THEY’VE ruined the name of Country Music. Here we go…


Towards the late 90’s, singers like Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride were HUGE stars! They also just happened to be from the last generation of singers that had some aspects of real Country in their music. Then, American Idol became popular, and a young girl from Oklahoma auditioned. Her name was Carrie Underwood…that should be all I’ve got to say, but I’ll continue anyway. Once she won American Idol, she was immediately signed to a record deal, and she wasn’t allowed to have ANY aspects of real Country in her music. This is when the Nashville business executives finally figured out how to make money! At the time, the biggest artists were people like Kelly Clarkson, so Nashville figured out that all they’ve got to do is hire songwriters that write hit songs for people like Kelly Clarkson, and then once they have a young, pretty female singer, they make her sing those songs, and they add synthesizers and a Pop/Rock band, and all of a sudden, they have an artist almost identical to Kelly Clarkson. Then, they call it Country music, and they promote the heck out of it. Slowly, corporations like Clear Channel sneak the songs onto Country stations AND Pop stations, that way it artificially creates a “Crossover Hit” for the artist, and they tell the Pop music fans that it’s Country music, although there’s absolutely no difference between that and Kelly Clarkson. But, the fans follow just like sheep, and all of a sudden, the Nashville executives have all the Pop fans under the “Country” roof, and they get all the money! The most successful example of this happened recently with Taylor Swift, who has NEVER put out any music that sounds like Country music. She’s also never put out any good music, but that’s another story. Used to, female Country singers sang honest, real life songs. Taylor Swift should never be put in the same category as Tammy Wynette. This, my friends, is one more reason to boycott Nashville. They’re the ones who have done this.


Next, we’ll wrap it all up by calling out Nashville’s “Country” artists for name dropping!


This is what Nashville calls Country – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNoKguSdy4Y

REAL Country – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsaQoSBJ7PQ



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