Homework Assignment #1

http://www.pollstar.com/news_article.aspx?ID=809039 – I chose this article because it incorporates text, photography, and video to report on the return of Christine McVie to Fleetwood Mac. The text reports about the band’s publicist’s confirmation that the reunion will take place, while the photo shows the current touring lineup of the band, and the video shows a video of a live concert from the band, before Christine McVie left the band, so fans will remember what that lineup sounds like, and also get excited about the reunion.


http://www.npr.org/blogs/bestmusic2013/2013/12/21/255266029/the-top-10-folk-and-americana-albums-of-2013 – I chose this article because within the list of Top 10 Folk and Americana albums for 2013, there are pictures of each artist, audio clips from each album, and there are comments from readers of the website, who have also contributed hyperlinks and videos to the comments section of the article. With all of these media types, it enables the reader to see a picture of each artist, hear samples of each album, and even see footage of a couple of the artists, giving the average reader a better understanding of each artist and album.


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