Pete Seeger – Gone But Not Forgotten

Just when I thought the music industry couldn’t get any worse: American icon, Pete Seeger, has passed away at age 94. Pete was known as a political activist, and American folk music hero. His cover of the classic Woody Guthrie anthem, “This Land Is Your Land”, has lived through generations, and is still revered to this day. Of course, there were other great Pete Seeger songs everyone knows and loves, such as “Sailing Up, Sailing Down.” One thing I’ve always found odd about Pete Seeger is that some people think of him as a banjo player. Granted, he did play the banjo, but he played in very much a clawhammer style, combined with some basic picking, as opposed to a strictly picking style, that was pioneered by people like Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe. Regardless of his choice of instrument, Pete will always be remembered for his anthems of freedom and protest, which propelled many generations through hard times in the world. Regardless of what you think of Pete’s political views, you can’t argue that he changed the folk music game forever. How many people do you know that literally played music at all points possible in their life, for as long as they possibly could? Up until his recent illness, Pete played music and involved himself in many important causes his whole life. He will be missed.

Pete Seeger performance from 2007:
One of Pete’s last public performances at Farm Aid 2013:



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