Bruce Springsteen Catches On To “Instant Live”

For the past few years, more and more artists have been getting involved in what’s known as “Instant Live”. This occurs for live performances. After a live performance, fans can pick up a copy of the show they just saw on CD. The shows are recorded live every night, and quickly duplicated onto CD’s just as everyone’s walking into the lobby. Artists that have done this include Willie Nelson, KISS, Dickey Betts, Bad Company, and many many more! However, there are many artists, known around the world for their live performances, who have yet to consider doing this. One of them is Bruce Springsteen. Bruce has a satellite radio station dedicated to him, and often, you can hear the station streaming audio from live concerts that has been recorded by people from the audience. Fans have been trading Springsteen bootlegs for years, and only now has “The Boss” figured out that he can use it to his advantage. By using this program, Bruce’s fans can have a high-quality soundboard recording of the show they just walked out of, and Bruce can use this as a way to sell more records. Since many people steal music online now, the high-quality bootlegs that the fans are more than willing to pay for are a great way to boost Bruce’s, and other artists’ record sales. After every Springsteen show, fans immediately want some sort of recording. Now they can literally have it immediately after every Springsteen show.

Bad Company instant live:
Bruce Springsteen’s tour opening this year:


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