Is Garth Bringing Out The Best In Everybody?

I’ve noticed that, since Garth Brooks announced his official comeback for a 2014 world tour, many artists have decided to throw their hats in the ring for some competition. What’s odd, though, is everybody’s bringing out their biggest and best ideas to try to compete. Obviously, Garth’s going to be a sellout in every city. He’s been gone from touring for about 12 years, and he was still selling out then. Since Garth’s announcement, Styx & Foreigner announced a co-headline tour with special guest Don Felder. Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss announced a co-headline tour for this year. Motley Crue announced their farewell tour. The Eagles announced another “History Of” tour. The Who announced plans to do a farewell tour. Billy Joel announced his first tour dates since his cancelled tour with Elton John, a few years ago. Also, Billy announced that he will be a franchise of Madison Square Garden, and perform at least one show a month there every month. Cher announced her comeback tour. The Allman Brothers announced that this may be their final year of touring. So, why do I see a connection with all of this? Simple: All of these artists know that Garth will be the center of attention for the next couple of years, and they’re scared to death, and rightfully so. So, they all started building the biggest possible performances and packages they could think of, to help maintain ticket sales. Since Garth hasn’t announced his U.S. dates yet, many fans are saving their money until he does, but if they see that Willie & Alison are coming to town, or that Motley Crue’s coming to town for the last time, they might consider that to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and spend their money on that instead. After all, Garth DID say this would only be the beginning.

An interview with Garth Brooks for his Ireland Comeback Special, to happen this July:

Styx, Foreigner, and Don Felder talking about their upcoming tour:



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