Class of 89: Clint Black

I would like to take a little time in the next few posts to talk about the infamous “Class of 89” in Country Music. This, of course, was the year that Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, and some guy named Garth Brooks came onto the music scene. I’ll be doing one post about each artist of this particular “Class.” First up: Clint Black

You might be asking why I chose Clint Black first. Well, I’ve always felt that Clint Black is one of the most underrated artists ever, and certainly the most underrated in the “Class of 89.” Clint has always been a great songwriter! He’s written or co-written the biggest majority of his catalogue. He’s also a very underrated musician! There are a lot of great guitar players, but Clint Black gives the most respected players a run for their money. He has an incredible lead style, and a distinctive rhythm, that incorporates melodic lead within the rhythm at times. His tone is unmistakable, especially with his electric guitar. It’s clean, with the right amount of crunch to let the notes hang around a little while. And, it wouldn’t be right to leave out his harmonica playing. For somebody to be selected by Jimmy Buffett as a harmonica player, they’ve got to be pretty good! Clint is one heck of a harmonica man!

All in all, Clint Black has been one of the most uniquely talented artists that Country music has seen! He stays with traditional Country roots, while throwing in some Rock or Blues, just to color it up a little. It’s amazing to me that he doesn’t still sell out arenas!

Clint tearing up the electric guitar on “Nothin’ But The Tailights” –

Clint playing some great harp on “Don’t Think Waylon Done It This Way” –



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