Class of 89: Travis Tritt

As mentioned before, I will be doing a series of posts about the “Class of 89” in Country music. This, of course, was the year that Alan Jackson, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, and some guy named Garth Brooks came onto the scene. I’ll be doing one post about each artist. My first one was about Clint Black. For my next post, I’ll be talking about Travis Tritt.

Travis Tritt is probably the one who has been able to go against the Country music establishment, and still build a tremendous following and career for himself! He was seen as the new “outlaw,” and certainly he proved that to be true many times. Of course, the Billy Ray Cyrus feud, where Travis was the only guy in the world at the time, with the guts to say that “Achy Breaky Heart” was a terrible song! At first, everyone sided with Billy Ray. Today, we realize that Travis was right.

However, Travis Tritt was not just about an image, or a heavily-publicized feud. He was about the music! While it’s always been WAY more than obvious that he took a lot of things from Hank Williams Jr., he’s one of the few artists that will admit that. His stage shows are energetic, and he’s always played a great mix of Country, Rock, and even Blues and Bluegrass at times. He’s served as a huge influence for myself! He’s a great guitar player, and yet not many people know or realize it. He’s a great songwriter! His singing style is unique and constantly imitated, yet never duplicated. His recent re-release of an album that Randy Jackson produced a few years ago featured a new duet with his daughter, which became a big hit online! Travis is still able to stay relevant today, without the help of the Nashville establishment!

Travis Tritt’s latest single with his daughter:

A concert that Travis Tritt recorded live from Hot Springs, Arkansas a few years ago:



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