Profile: Johnny Sain

Today, I’ll be doing a short profile of Johnny Sain: Creator of the popular online outdoor blog “A View From The Back Roads: Exploring Our Rural and Natural Heritage.”

Johnny Sain was born on March 7th, 1971 in Dardanelle, Arkansas, at the old Dardanelle Hospital. He’s currently attending Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas, where he’s majoring in Journalism, with a minor in Biology. He is also going for an Associate’s degree in Ozark Studies. He has an established online blog called A View From the Back Roads: Exploring Our Rural and Natural Heritage. As its title suggests, it goes in depth into aspects of rural life. Johnny knows all about rural life. He’s had an interest in outdoor life, from a young age. At age 12, he had an extensive collection of Outdoor Magazines.

From the time that he was in high school, Johnny became quickly interested in writing. In a recent interview I conducted with him, Johnny said he really considered himself to be a short story enthusiast.

He says that his family is very supportive of his work as a writer. He has two children. He says that both of them have tremendous writing talent, just from what he’s seen of their writing that they do in school. However, he says he doesn’t feel that either of them necessarily have the drive to do free writing of their own, outside of school. His wife is also very supportive, and he told an interesting story about how they actually met and became a happily married couple. Years ago, while they were both working at a Tyson chicken plant, they met. Once they got to know each other, they dated for one month, and then they made the decision to tie the knot. Even Johnny, himself, admits this is an interesting and uncommon way to get married, but again, he pointed out he is happily married. The couple had their first child when Johnny was 24 years old. They had their second child when Johnny was 30 years old.

Johnny also discussed some of his hobbies, during the course of the interview. Two that seemed to be at the top of his list were music and science. He said he played music while he was in high school, and he would like to get back into it. I was surprised to find that Johnny’s music taste was as diverse as mine. He listens to Country, Rock, 80’s Metal, etc. One band, in particular, that we discussed during the interview was a band called Sound of the Mountain. He had featured the band in one of his articles. Based on his in-depth explanation of the band, I could tell that Johnny certainly had a strong feel for music.

It was great to sit down and talk with Johnny, and find out about the interesting life he leads! As always, for more information, I highly encourage you to check out his online blog, “A View From The Back Roads: Exploring Our Rural and Natural Heritage” at


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