When A Big Act Gets Dropped From A Festival

This past week, Rocklahoma, the annual Rock festival in Pryor, Oklahoma, announced that two bands, Motorhead and Skindred, would be unable to perform, for reasons beyond their control. Many assume that the reason for Motorhead’s cancelation was due to the health problems that have recently struck their legendary frontman, Lemmy Kilmister. Motorhead also canceled all other U.S. festival appearances for 2014. Although, I’m not familiar with Skindred, many people were disappointed with their cancelation. Personally, I was planning on going to Rocklahoma, because of Motorhead. There are other bands that I like on the bill like Jackyl, Kix, Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Mandy Lion, Kid Rock, Twisted Sister, and Skid Row. Normally, that would be enough to convince me, but the ticket prices have been raised to around $100 for general admission tickets, since Rocklahoma partnered with AEG Live. That’s the reason that Rocklahoma has also been booking way too many new bands, but that’s another rant. So, when a big act gets dropped from a festival, SHOULD the festival offer refunds for those who paid just to see that band? My opinion, yes. Although there are many bands on the bill, Motorhead doesn’t play in the U.S. often, and when they do, they rarely hit the Southern part of the country, aside from Texas, so many, like myself, might only go for them. But, when the corporations get involved, there’s less concern for the customers.

Rocklahoma website: http://www.rocklahoma.com
Motorhead website: http://www.imotorhead.com


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