Merle Haggard: JUST NOW recognized in Nashville!

I really don’t know why, but for some reason, I watched the Country Music Awards, without screaming my head off in anger! It was great to see Taylor Swift walk away empty-handed! It was also great to see that new group, Florida Georgia Line, get knocked down a peg. They were up for “Album of The Year,” and when they were about to open the envelope, they said “The winner is…,” and the guys from Florida Georgia Line started rubbing their hands together, and preparing themselves to walk onstage. It was great to see that they didn’t win! I don’t root for people to lose until they get cocky. That was cocky. So, once I got some entertainment and enjoyment from that, Garth Brooks walked out to give Merle Haggard an achievement award. George Strait and Miranda Lambert did a medley of Merle’s songs to pay tribute. While I felt it was well done, I really didn’t see why they’re bothering to give him anything. They’ve ignored him for a long time. I’m puzzled as to why they’re just now giving him the recognition he deserves, when he’s long past proven that he doesn’t need them. I guess this is the year for Merle. The Grammy’s had him on, and then the award tonight. To me, it’s more disrespectful for Nashville to honor the great legends now, than it is to continue ignoring them. When they give guys like Merle Haggard awards now, it just looks like some random thing with no thought. They’ve ignored these guys for so long, it really seems unnecessary to do anything now. So, the ultimate question: Is Nashville turning around for the better? I’ll believe it when they banish Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, and now Florida Georgia Line.

Great conversation with Merle Haggard:
Merle performing “Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink” at Billy Bob’s:


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