Rocklahoma’s Big Change

5450_1201317791684_2815320_nIn 2006, the first annual Rocklahoma was announced! Set to take place in the small town of Pryor, Oklahoma, Rocklahoma was billed as being the “Woodstock of 80’s Hair Metal!” They adopted a similar slogan for websites, advertisements, merchandise, etc. The slogan was “The World’s Largest 80’s Hair Metal Festival!” I went in 2009 and loved it! Granted, the attendance was down from previous years, but at the time, you must remember, the economy was in pretty poor shape. Not that it’s improved much since then, but you get the idea. Twisted Sister headlined. I went on that night, which was Sunday, the closing night. Thursday they had a Thrash Metal night, then Friday, Saturday, Sunday were their regular nights. On Sunday, I saw Vixen, Bonfire, Nelson, Great White, Skid Row and Twisted Sister. There were many other bands I could’ve seen, but chose not to. There were three stages of music each day. You get all of that for $40 a day! Not a bad deal at all! The following year, however, there was a sudden change. “The World’s Largest 80’s Hair Metal Festival” announced a lineup with bands like Theory of a Deadman, Skillet, Godsmack, Buckcherry, Three Days Grace, etc. Sound like a hair metal festival to you? Out of about 30 or 40 bands, there were 3 classic bands. You read me right. THREE! ZZ Top, Tesla, and Cinderella. Now, obviously, ZZ Top is not anything like a hair metal band, which means out of 30 or 40 bands, only 2 were hair metal bands. I was not surprised to find out that AEG was behind the whole thing. WHAT?! You mean when an ignorant, big, money hungry corporation got involved, the festival became terrible, and went against the slogan?! Say it ain’t so! I ended up calling and giving my two cents to AEG. I’ll give the guy credit that he returned my calls, but at the time, he acted like my suggestions were ridiculous, and they would never work. Then, of course, as the following years went by, he eventually used almost all of them. Bet I wouldn’t get any credit for it if you asked him. This year’s lineup was much better, containing a solid lineup of classic bands, just enough awful new bands to satisfy the people who listen to that for whatever reason, and talented new bands that appeal to the lovers of the classic bands! Kid Rock, Black Stone Cherry, Hellyeah, Mandy Lion. Those are newer bands that not only have tremendous talent, but also have that vintage edge that appeals to lovers of great classic rock! I have a feeling they’ll eventually be stealing my MP3 player and booking more of my suggestions. I may be ignorant about a lot of things, but I DO have a general idea as to what will sell tickets! I’ve been to enough concerts to know, and even though I highly doubt they would ever give me credit, AEG seems to agree with me!

Rocklahoma website:
A video I shot of Twisted Sister performing at Rocklahoma 2009:


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