Bob Seger

Bob Seger has maintained tremendous popularity, throughout the course of his career! Although, it didn’t start out like that. His first few albums, with names such as “The Bob Seger System,” were not exactly commercial successes. Then, one magical night, with his newly formed Silver Bullet Band, Bob played a show at Detroit’s Cobo Hall Arena, which turned into the album “Live Bullet.” This album jump started his career! As Bob says, “We went from station wagons to jets overnight!” After “Live Bullet,” he released “Night Moves,” which was arguably his most successful studio release ever! After several hit records, he announced his hiatus in the 90’s, to raise his kids. In 2006, he announced his comeback, beginning with a new album, “Face The Promise,” to be accompanied by a massive U.S. tour! Fans were left begging for more after that tour, and they got more, when Seger announced his 2011 tour. Oddly enough, I had tickets to the Little Rock show on that tour. There were several terribly severe thunderstorms throughout the day. I called the arena, and they said if there was a tornado warning for North Little Rock, they would cancel the show and give refunds. A few minutes later, a tornado warning was issued for North Little Rock. Wouldn’t you know that when I called back they refused to speak to me on the subject and hung up on me? Hmm. Odd. It was bad enough that we decided not to go. I called the next day, and was told that if the storm prohibited you from coming, they would put your name on a list for possible refunds. And, once again, of course, no phone call. Great example of how to NOT look out for your customers! I found out later that the promoter, and Seger’s management were the main ones behind the whole thing, but I was told the venue could’ve stepped in and cancelled. Aside from that, Seger has had tremendous success since his comeback! He keeps throwing out hints of a new album, which has been in the works for years. We’ll see what his next move is.

Bob Seger’s official website:
Full concert from his 2013 tour:


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