Record Store Day

This Saturday is the most wonderful time of the year, once again! Yes, kids, it’s Record Store Day 2014! This is really a great thing that many people don’t know about quite yet. Founded by Chris Brown, from Bull Moose Record Store, it celebrates and promotes record stores, in a declining music business. And, no, it’s not Chris Brown the rapper. Due to declining music sales, record stores are more commonly closing down, so Record Store Day gives artists and labels a special opportunity to put out new or special releases, and have them featured for the day’s celebration. Some record stores have artists come in for CD signings or performances. Some stores have special giveaways or promotions. It’s just a great way to get some extra business for record stores! Chris Brown puts together a video every year, highlighting some of the releases that will be available in stores. Most releases are on vinyl. Not many are CD’s, although some are both. One thing that was really interesting about this year’s Record Store Day is that many albums will be available on cassette. If you want my opinion, Shooter Jennings is responsible for that. He’s releasing albums from his record label on cassettes, so other labels and artists probably followed his lead. I imagine he’s onto something, because everybody knows somebody who just refuses to upgrade from a cassette player. No matter what format you want your music to be in, I highly recommend that everybody go check out Record Store Day this Saturday, and support your local record store!

The Record Store Day website, featuring information on participating stores and events:

2014 video featuring releases:

Burning to CD

Burning to CD


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