Bob Seger and Brian Johnson: Nutbush City Limits

I noticed something the other day that I don’t think many people have noticed. Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s been noticed before. I was listening to Bob Seger’s version of Tina Turner’s song “Nutbush City Limits,” from the Live Bullet album, and I couldn’t help but notice how similar Bob sounded to Brian Johnson, from AC/DC. Why do the two even relate? I’ll tell you why! When Brian Johnson auditioned for AC/DC, the song he auditioned with was “Nutbush City Limits.” His voice, especially early on in his career, was almost exactly the same as Bob Seger’s. If you played me both versions back to back, I couldn’t tell you which was which. Both versions were somewhat similar, musically, as well. Bob’s voice has deepened, significantly, since then, but it’s still cool to go back and listen to the high growl he used to have in his voice! Brian Johnson’s singing style is very difficult to do! I’ve tried it before, and it just hurts! Brian has talked about how tough it is, in radio interviews. There may be a time when Brian’s voice gives out, but you have to give the man credit! He hasn’t lost anything yet, and he’s still giving it his all, and then some! I’d like to hear Bob and Brian sing “Nutbush City Limits” together, and see how it sounds!

Seger’s version:
Recent live version from Brian Johnson. Not the best example of what I’m talking about, but it’s a general idea:

Testing the microphone

Testing the microphone


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