Class of 89: Garth Brooks

I just realized that I never finished the Class of 89 section. The last, but certainly not least, is Garth Brooks. It goes without saying that Garth Brooks changed the music scene forever! He was also one of the first artists to give Nashville the idea that they can market a Rock artist as Country. Garth had humble beginnings, but eventually, after earning his marketing degree, which is something you rarely hear about, since it’s been used to drain your wallet for years, he moved to Nashville. He failed the first time, then succeeded the second time. After years of touring with an arena rock stage set, which mimicked bands like Queen and Kiss, Garth decided to hang it all up to raise his kids in the early 2000’s. That’s a move that I can highly respect! Garth and Bob Seger are the only two that come to mind who have done that, while in the prime of their careers. Garth was given several offers to come out of retirement, but he turned them all down, until Steve Wynn came knocking, with a solo acoustic show offer that Garth couldn’t refuse. So, Garth did the acoustic show for a few years, then, as I predicted, he announced a new box set of his influences. His website had 3 buttons on it. One was information on the Box Set. One was information on his GAC special. The last one was a question mark. WHOO! Mystery! Wonder what it could be! Give me a break! It’s obvious! This was planned the whole time like this. Not that I can blame him. It seems to have been a great strategy, but the people who acted like they were surprised were rather sickening. Either they didn’t pay attention, or they’re truly that stupid. One thing’s for sure: Garth Brooks is about to make a lot of money and sell out a lot of shows for awhile!

Garth’s website:
Garth’s 2014 tour announcement leak:


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