KISS and The Rock Hall

The 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony recently took place in Brooklyn, New York, at the new Barclays Center, which is owned by rapper Jay Z. Usually, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies take place at slightly smaller venues. Only in recent years have fans been invited to ceremonies, so the venues have been slightly bigger, but the Barclays Center was used for one purpose only this year: KISS. For years, KISS has been eligible for induction into the Rock Hall, but has been constantly ignored. A couple of years ago, they were on the ballot, but did not get voted in. This year, they let the fans vote for one act to be inducted. It was a landslide for KISS to get in. Consequently, other more than worthy bands like Deep Purple didn’t get in.

The Rock Hall was hoping for a KISS reunion, and so was everyone else. Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter were pressured to perform, and really, what would it have hurt? Ace and Peter were all for it. Gene seemed to be for it, but Paul was the one throwing a fit. At first, Paul said he was mad that the Rock Hall wouldn’t induct the current lineup, with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. The Rock Hall, rightfully, said that Tommy and Eric just duplicate what Ace and Peter did, and don’t contribute anything original. Paul later tried to backtrack, to make it sound like he was upset that ALL KISS members weren’t being inducted. Granted, I believe everyone should’ve been inducted, BUT, the current lineup shouldn’t have performed, while all other members, INCLUDING ACE AND PETER, sat in the crowd, like Paul wanted.

Gene and Paul don’t care about the fans. The fans overwhelmingly demanded at least one or two songs with the original lineup at the ceremony. Paul threw a fit, so it didn’t happen. They awkwardly made their speeches, took a few awkward photos, and moved along. Peter was the one that made a gutsy statement, though. Right in front of everyone, he said “I’ll always be the Catman,” referring to Eric Singer wearing his makeup onstage.

Maybe they’ll come to their senses and bury the hatchet one of these days. Nobody’s asking for another reunion tour. Just shake hands and forgive each other. Then, don’t talk to each other again if that’s what it takes.
The induction speeches:


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