Reverend Guitars

As a guitar player, I’m always looking for something better. I currently play a 2006 Gibson Les Paul Special, which is basically a Les Paul without all the pretty little details. It’s a great guitar! It’s American made! For years, I’ve continued to play that guitar as my main instrument in shows and on recordings, but I always keep an open mind for what might be a better way to go. Many people know that Unknown Hinson is one of my favorite artists, and a big influence on my playing! For years, he played Fender guitars, Rickenbaker guitars, Gibson guitars, etc. In recent years, however, he’s had his own signature guitar through Reverend Guitars, out of Michigan. After hearing him play it on records and in concerts, I was impressed, but still skeptical. Then, he released a demo video of the guitar, out of character, as himself, Stuart D. Baker. After hearing a detailed explanation and demonstration of what this guitar can do, I’m sold! It’s American made. It looks great! It has 2 great P-90 pickups that can handle great country picking and fat rock tones! Most of all, it’s affordable! Check them out! I’ll get one as soon as I’m able!
Demonstration of Stuart Baker’s Unknown Hinson signature guitar:


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