Riverfest 2014

This year’s Riverfest festival in Little Rock, Arkansas, will feature one of the strongest music lineups in years! The headliners are Hank Williams Jr., Jamey Johnson, Cee Lo Green, Chicago, Lee Brice, The Wallflowers, and many more! In past years, Riverfest has had fairly decent lineups, but hasn’t always had the best. A lot of it depends on who’s touring when. Most routing for these bands probably hasn’t worked out well in the past few years. I went to Riverfest in 2009, to see Buddy Guy. That year, Heart also played the festival. The year before, ZZ Top and .38 Special were the big headliners. Shooter Jennings and Merle Haggard were supposed to play the night before, but Merle canceled. Shooter stayed on the bill, and Merle was replaced by Sawyer Brown. Since then, Riverfest has had 2 or 3 great acts a year, that are rare to this area. Last year, they had Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton. This year’s lineup received great responses from Facebook fans, and many retweets on Twitter! Despite Hank Williams Jr.’s publicly known political views and commentary, I expect a huge crowd for him, as the ultimate headliner! We’ll see how it all turns out. It should be a great festival! Now, only if it were in a better area than downtown Little Rock, a very dangerous part of Arkansas, I might consider going again.



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