Blueridge Guitars: The New Martin

Most acoustic players, not just Country and Bluegrass, dream of having a high end acoustic guitar, and certainly, Martin Guitars are one of the most sought after brands, and one of the highest quality, without a doubt. But, that being said, they’re expensive, for the average player. To get a good Martin guitar, one would have to pay at least a couple thousand dollars. Therefore, many small brands have tried to up their game. One of the best is Blueridge Guitars. They are built to look, sound, feel, and play just like Martin guitars.

While in Colorado last summer, I was on the lookout for a good Blueridge guitar. One of the slogans for the brand is “A Poor Man’s Martin,” and after trying one out at a Bluegrass festival, I agreed! I finally found one that was built just like a D-28. I bought it, and it’s now my main acoustic guitar.

Blueridge are about a third of the price of a Martin, but they’re very comparable, quality-wise.



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