Great White: What’s up?

A few years ago, after a long hiatus from the band, Jack Russell announced that he was leaving Great White. In the same press release, he also announced that he was starting a new version of Jack Russell’s Great White. Shortly after his press release, the rest of Great White made a press release, blaming Jack Russell for everything, and making outrageous accusations of Jack! They also blamed Jack’s medical problems, which they described in great detail, for the problems in the band. The legal battle began afterwards for the name and trademark of Great White. Now, a little over a year after the decision was made in court, Jack Russell is allowed to use the name Jack Russell’s Great White, and the rest of Great White is allowed to continue using that name. Both have been on tour, and honestly, Jack’s version has had more success, it seems like. Most concert promoters have realized that Jack’s voice is the recognizable element, so they book him. Jack’s getting better and better every year!

This is an interview I did with Jack a couple of years ago:
Jack Russell’s Great White playing “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” at M3 this year:


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