Gruhn Guitars: The Guitar Mecca

I took a trip to Nashville a few years ago, and I stopped in some interesting places. The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Grand Ole Opry, Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop, etc. But, the most interesting and exciting place was Gruhn’s Guitars! Owner, George Gruhn, has been a vintage guitar collector for a long time. After graduating with a degree in animal studies, George began collecting vintage guitars, and selling and trading them out of his apartment. He later opened his first store. They eventually moved the shop to lower Broadway in Nashville, where it was located until last year.

The first floor was standard new and used acoustics and electrics. The second floor was rare collectible guitars, all of which were their high end merchandise. Vintage Les Paul’s, Stratocaster’s, Telecaster’s, etc. There’s even a guitar, formerly owned by Dan Folgerberg, who originally purchased it from George Gruhn. George also has one of Chet Atkins’s main guitars on the second floor. The third and fourth floors were used for repairs and shipping.

Gruhn Guitars has been a staple for guitar players for years, and will continue to be!

Tour of Gruhn Guitars:
George Gruhn talking about moving the store:


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