The Difference A Good Soundman Makes

I belive that many of my musician friends, and musician readers, will agree with the statement and topic I’m about to discuss. When it comes to playing live shows, a good soundman makes all the difference in the world! If an artist can’t hear themselves, they’re less likely to deliver a good show. Likewise, if the audience can’t hear, they won’t give the reaction, desired by the artist, and therefore, the show will not be as good. I’ve played shows where the soundmen were terrible. I’ve played shows where there weren’t any soundmen. It makes it much more difficult to deliver, as an artist! When you have a good soundman, it all comes together! That being said, it makes it difficult to make excuses, but that’s a good thing. Having that challenge, knowing that everything else is right, is the best thing for an artist! When the only person left to blame is themselves. I did a show this weekend with a great soundman! Before I even got to the show, he was ready. He had everything set up and the levels set perfectly! THAT’S what can make a great show! THAT’S what makes the difference!

Eddie Van Halen getting mad at a bad soundman:
One of the best sounding shows I’ve been to. Shawn Camp at The Station Inn in Nashville:


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