The Guitar Gods Festival Tour

A few months ago, Yngwie Malmsteen kind of tested, or leaked, an announcement about a possible, in the works, upcoming, unconfirmed tour. It’s called the “Guitar Gods Festival.” He said that Uli Jon Roth and Gary Hooey would be involved on the tour. This past week, the official announcement was made. Sure enough, Uli Jon Roth and Gary Hooey were on the bill, along with Yngwie, but also, Bumblefoot, known for being a current member of Axl Rose’s Guns N’ Roses, will be on the bill for the tour. I was puzzled by this tour announcement, because, it’s advertised almost as if there’s never been a tour like this before. Of course, the G3 tour, started by Joe Satriani, featured all-instrumental “shredders,” such as Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and even Yngwie Malmsteen, himself. Joe hasn’t done a G3 tour in a year or so, the last of which was held in South America, with no U.S. dates. There was a tour called the “Guitar Heroes Tour” a couple of years ago, that was to feature Leslie West, Michael Schenker, and Uli Jon Roth. It was canceled, following Leslie West’s health trouble, so this seems to be a great way for Uli to tour the U.S. It’s hard for instrumental shredders to tour. There are only select markets that have enough fans and venues to succeed. Hopefully this tour will come a little closer. All of Yngwie’s tours stick to the West coast, and sometimes the East coast. Never in the South, except for occasional Texas House of Blues shows. We’ll see.

Tour announcement video:
Yngwie on That Metal Show:


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