The Importance of Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy is probably one of the most important artists to Blues music today. He started out his career by being the second guitar player for Muddy Waters’s band. Afterwards, Buddy began his own career. At first, he had some moderate success, playing on festival shows, such as the Festival Express. That was a train that toured Canada, with some of the biggest stars of the 60’s. Buddy was on that tour, although he was Blues, and everyone else was in the 60’s rock vein. Buddy’s real success came in the 80’s and 90’s, when his most successful solo records were being released, like “Damn Right I Got The Blues,” and “Steppin’ Out Steppin’ In.” Buddy was helped back into the spotlight, thanks to guitar players that he heavily influenced, such as Jonny Lang and Eric Clapton. Buddy’s sound, unlike electric players before him, was, and still is, unmistakeable! He’s one of the only Fender Stratocaster players to get a thick, heavy, sustained sound out of his guitars. He’s in his late 70’s now, and he’s still putting on energetic performances, running around the stage, and even through the crowd, while playing, due to a wireless guitar connection. No disrespect meant towards his peers, but many of them sit down while they play, and they’ve lost some of their style. Buddy hasn’t slowed down at all. He’s preserving the legacy of electric blues. He is one of the most important artists going, and certainly one of the most important for Blues!
A video I took of Buddy Guy at Riverfest in 2009:


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