The Peavey Amp’s Involvement In 80’s Country Music

If you’re ever searching on YouTube for classic country music videos, one thing you should notice is the amplifiers used by the guitar player(s) in each video. For some reason, in the 1980’s and the 1990’s, the Peavey Backstage Plus, and other similar amps in the series, were used almost exclusively by every country artist or their band. If you watch the George Jones Live In Knoxville, Tennessee concert video, you’ll notice that his lead guitarist is using one of those amps in the show. If you watch Conway Twitty’s last filmed concert from the 90’s, not only does Conway’s lead guitar player use one of those amps, but so does Conway himself. Possibly a little earlier than other artists in the 80’s and 90’s, though, this amp was used on a late episode of Hee Haw by Roy Clark. The scene was Roy doing a guitar battle with Jim Stafford. Roy was playing a Les Paul, and Jim was playing a Roland synthesizer guitar. I believe Jim also used one of the Peavey Backstage Plus amps.

The reason this amp was heavily used, I believe, is that it was loud, had good enough sustain, even on clean settings, and you can hear the pick on the strings very clearly, so it doesn’t sound like there’s much technology getting in the way of the pure sound. It’s not my #1 choice for Rock, but it’s definitely a great amp, and certainly serves the purpose for 80’s and 90’s country!

George Jones Live In Knoxville:
Conway Twitty’s last known filmed concert:


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