Tube vs. Solid State amps

I had this conversation with another guitar player recently. We were talking about the age old question of guitar players, which is easily answered, but not exactly, if that makes any sense. Which amp is better: a tube amp or a solid state amp? Basically, here’s my definite unsolved answer.

There’s no doubt about it that a tube amp sounds much better than a solid state amp, any day of the week! That’s for sure! There’s a warm, vintage tone that comes from a good tube amp! In fact, many players still search for vintage tube amps, because they want a good, clean, solid vintage sound. There are amps being made by companies such as VOX, Fender, and Marshall, that are tube amps, and they’re not quite as good as vintage tube amps, but they’re very good for modern day use! My problem with them: Although tubes may be stronger now than they were before, still, the fact that they have to be replaced at times is a hassle.

A solid state amp doesn’t sound as good as a tube amp, but I like it, because I know I can plug it in, and it’s good to go. I don’t have to worry about replacing tubes. That’s really the only argument I can think of in favor of solid states, but it’s enough to convince me.

Marshall tube amp demo:
Marshall solid state amp demo:


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