Backing Tracks – Good or Bad?

In today’s world, especially in America’s tough economic times, it’s extremely difficult for artists to afford a band to record and tour with. Because of this, many artists have started doing solo acoustic shows. They say things like “Get up close and personal” or “An intimate evening with”, but it’s really just so they don’t go into debt from having to pay a band. However, some artists have caught on to the way that modern technology can help all of us out: Backing tracks! Rather than have a band touring with you all the time that you have to pay, you can have tracks of a full band and background vocals, and you can play and sing your parts live, with the backing tracks as an accompaniment. Some people want to compare it to karaoke, but it’s far different, if done with quality tracks. With the right equipment, the artists can have the same sound for far less money. For example, I’m a singer and guitarist. I’m not known for being a drummer or a bass player, so if I have drums and bass on backing tracks, it doesn’t take away from what I’m doing at all. It just adds to it, and fills in the unneeded holes from before. Most importantly for a Country Rock N’ Roller…people can dance to it!

Lindsey Buckingham using backing tracks in a solo show:
A quality ZZ Top backing track:


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